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Coconut Oil (নারকেল তেল) 1ltr

৳ 1,400.000
Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is extracted from coconuts harvested from gardens. The fully ripened, mature meat is first dried

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 0.5ltr

৳ 1,600.000
Coconut oil is extracted from coconut, it is edible and has beauty benefits for skin and hair 🥥🥥Green Leaf Collects coconut oils directly from homemade item's producers, where they produce a pure oil without using heat or chemicals (like hexane, a chemical often used in processing that's extracted from petroleum and crude oil). Greenleaf Coconut is one of the richest oils with many benefits. From increasing your metabolism to helping your hair and skin, coconut oil plays a vital role to maintain your health! “It’s a quality product but isn't super expensive,”