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Chanamukhi 1kg

৳ 1,160.000
Chanamukhi From Bikrampur

Cow’s Milk Austagram Cheese 1kg

৳ 1,900.000
Ashtagram, the famous upazila of Haor in Kishoreganj, is famous for its white cheese. The cheese is also made outside

Hilsha medium 2100 x 5kg

৳ 1.000
Details 700/800 per hilsha size. Minimum Order 5 kg. Authentic Padma Hilsha

Motlaobs Kheersah (Per khora Around 1 kg Size)

৳ 1,300.000
Motlob Kheersha Per khora (Around 1 kg Size) There are five reasons why Motlob’s Kheersha is the best here. First,

Natural Raw Honey (প্রাকৃতিক গ্রামীণ চাকের মধু) 1 kg

৳ 1,700.000
Natural raw honey Natural raw honey is produced from the pollen of organically grown plants, and without chemical miticides to treat the bees. Buying organic honey ensures that you avoid contact with pesticides that may be sprayed on or near the plants visited by honeybees.